Is your business paying GST for imported goods?

GST applies to most imports over $1,000. GST is 10% of the value of the goods you’ve imported. You generally need to pay this to the Department of Home Affairs before you can receive the goods.

The deferred GST scheme will allow you to pay your GST later and there are eligibility requirements. If you are registered for this scheme, you don’t need to pay GST until after the goods are imported and you lodge your next business activity statement.

There are also methods for claiming a credit for any GST paid on goods you import for your business which we can help you better understand.

GST now also applies to imported goods valued at less than $1000, as well as digital products or services.

If you’re registered for GST and you import low value goods for your business, you shouldn’t have to pay GST on these purchases. You need to remember to provide your supplier with your ABN and a statement that you’re registered for GST.

If you’re charged GST incorrectly, or if the GST is less than $82.50, talk to us about claiming a GST credit on your next BAS without needing a tax invoice.


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