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Forward planning is the best way to ensure you make calculated moves in the ‘money game’ of life. Knowing what structure you or your business should be set up in, what expenses you should claim this year (or next), what purchases should be made (or not), how to apportion dividends – the list goes on and on – and this list is one of the key factors allowing successful individuals and businesses to become more and more successful.

So, now I’ve revealed the big secret, why aren’t you engaging a tax planning adviser for your future?

I’m sure you don’t like paying unnecessary taxes, being unable to claim expenses, or the uncertainty of whether your assets are at risk or not.

Let me unveil another secret to you: it’s not expensive to get tax planning advice. When you compare the cost of seeing an expert, like my team here at ACCESS TAX & ACCOUNTING, to the money you save (and get back) each year – you’ll kick yourself for not doing it sooner!

We’re dedicated to our clients – they’re the reason we exist – so we spend all our waking hours researching and looking for the best ways to decrease tax obligations, whether it’s for business or personal.

Our efforts not only make our clients happy, but oftentimes place them in a better financial situation than they were before, which is a top priority for us.

So whether you simply need regular tax planning advice to prepare for your future or a business mentor to help you ACCESS TAX & ACCOUNTING are here to help you. Our approach to your success is to get to understand you and your business, and roll out the best plan to hit every one of your targets!


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Tax Accounting not the world’s most inviting of subjects, but accounting is a fundamental process for any society, even if that society was not money-based at that time in history: people still had to account for all their items: where are they, who owns them, what value do they represent. Same as for money: where is it, who owns it and what values do the numbers represent.

Accounting whether for tax or otherwise enables us to have a detailed appreciation of a situation, at that time. Companies and corporations, and indeed each of us as individuals can gain an accurate understanding of our position and then use that information, along with historical information, to better plan our activities for the future; whether that be for the family, our business or a large multi-national corporation.

Accounting your numbers can reveal truths, sometimes unpleasant truths, about a business, corporation or individual. But those truths can then be used as a basis for correcting the problem. A good tax accountant is worth, perhaps not their weight in gold (I have met some very large tax accountants!), but certainly every penny you spend on them.

All of us here have to file our tax return Bankstown. I doubt if anyone enjoys doing it, particularly as the information is prepared for use by government agencies and their sometimes horrendously complex forms and reporting procedures can be very daunting for the uninitiated. And that is where we at Access Tax can help. We like to think that our relationship with our clients is one of a partnership tax Bankstown – we are local after all!

Our three main areas of expertise are:
1. Tax Returns and Advice
With decades of combined experience in accounting and taxation, we know how to maximise your return. Tax Accountant Bankstown!
2. Business Consulting
Our certified expert tax specialists provide all types of personal and business accounting advice. Expert Tax Solutions Bankstown!
3. Tax Advice
We provide a wide range of tax advice and services to assist in making the best financial decisions at tax time. Minimise your Company Tax Bankstown!

So whether you are a Sole Trader Tax Bankstown or are having problems with your GST Tax Bankstown we are here to offer you the benefit of our years of experience and of the essential ongoing research required by all competent tax accountants to keep up-to-date with the many and ever changing legal requirements.

While we are talking of Sole Traders, we would just like to point out that if you are an entrepreneur and just starting to construct your business idea, the earlier you get a tax accountant Bankstown involved, the better. The Australian government’s structure for sole traders offers the following benefits for the keen new businessperson (quoted from their website):


So come and see us today and let our friendly team give you the advice and expert tax solutions Bankstown you need to make that Partnership arrangement and business dream come true. We have a huge and local wealth of experience, one of the benefits of working as a tax accountant Bankstown is that we see all manner of business enterprises, and therefore all manner of business problems. We welcome very much the chance to work with you to create innovative solutions for your Partnership and your business.

Why not partner-up with us and let your business benefit from our experience and expertise as well as your own?

Services that we offer are:

Profit & Loss:
You don’t need to fear your P&L Statements – running a small business or are self-employed, we can help you understand and improve your business spending to help increase profits. Let us do the balancing act while you get on with business.
Business Finance Management:
Understanding your business finances – work with our team to improve your financial business decisions be it Lease, Rental or Commercial Hire Purchase instruments.
Financial Services Comparisons:
Ensure you’re getting the best deal – We can help you compare financial offerings from any number of financial institutions to ensure you are getting the best loan for your financial and tax requirements.
It’s a jungle out there, a jungle we know very well!